Unveiling the Power Platform 2024 Release Wave 1 Updates

Today, we’re here to explore the Power Platform: 2024 Release Wave 1 Plan, a pivotal update that promises to elevate the capabilities of Power Platform applications. As your go-to experts for Microsoft-based software solutions, we aim to dissect these updates, highlighting how they can transform your business operations.


2024 Release Wave 1 Overview

The Power Platform 2024 Release Wave 1 is set to introduce a host of new features across its suite of applications, including Power BI, Power Apps, Power Pages, Power Automate, Microsoft Copilot Studio, and AI Builder. This update, rolling out from April through September 2024, is designed to empower organisations to analyse, act on, and automate data more efficiently than ever before.


Key Enhancements Across Power Platform Applications

Power BI and Data Integration:

Power BI and data integration have moved to Microsoft Fabric. Power BI aims to empower decision-making at all organisational levels by enhancing copilot experiences and expanding customer demand fulfilment. Data Factory will broaden connectivity options and enrich its transformation library, enabling real-time analytics.

Power Apps:

Power Apps will be focusing on bringing more Copilot features to make app development even easier with AI and natural language, simplifying the creation of modern, responsive, and collaborative apps. It also aims to facilitate enterprise-scale development with improved quality assurance tools.

Power Pages:

Power Pages will now support interactive Copilot throughout the site-building process, from design to securing the site. This update aims to create intelligent websites with ease, connecting to data anywhere and ensuring site security.

Power Automate:

Introducing Copilot capabilities across cloud and desktop flows, and process mining, Power Automate will allow users to build automations and optimise operations using natural language, enhancing the automation management experience.

Microsoft Copilot Studio:

This update brings native capabilities for extending Microsoft Copilots and General Availability for Generative Actions. It also introduces integration with OpenAI GPTs and new channels like WhatsApp, enhancing software lifecycle management.

AI Builder:

Focusing on Prompt Builder for GPT prompts, Intelligent Document Processing, and AI Governance, AI Builder aims to empower users with advanced Generative AI, streamline document processing, and strengthen governance across AI models.

Microsoft Dataverse:

Investments in Microsoft Dataverse will enhance the maker experience, improving productivity with Copilot experiences and seamless connectivity to external data sources, alongside AI-powered Enterprise Copilot in Microsoft 365.

Governance and Administration:

New tools and insights for admins will be introduced to manage low code assets at scale and implement new security capabilities, ensuring a highly secure platform.


Key Dates for the 2024 Release Wave 1

  • Release Plans Available: 25th January, 2024
  • Early Access Available: 5th February, 2024
  • Release Plans in Additional Languages: 19th February, 2024
  • General Availability: 1st April, 2024


Our Perspective

The Power Platform 2024 Release Wave 1 represents a significant leap forward in digital transformation capabilities. We’re excited about the potential these updates hold for enhancing business processes, improving decision-making, and streamlining operations. We’ll help you navigate these updates every step of the way, ensuring your business can use the full potential of the Power Platform.

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