Get the Best Out of Dynamics 365 Marketing

The goal of Dynamics Marketing 365 is to provide all the various tools businesses need to successfully market campaigns over different platforms and channels.

Its built-in tools can help marketers create and deliver campaigns using simple drag and drop functionality. All of these come with high-end and customized layouts depending on the preferences of the users.

With targeted messages and custom activities, users can create customer journeys in different stages, all controlled with timing or based on customer response and interactions.

Through the personalized and automated interactions generate more chances of increasing leads and conversions.

The Upgraded Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Marketing uses the Common Data Model of Dynamics 365 to save and share data with other software. Dynamics 365 Marketing’s integration to other Dynamics CRM systems such as Sales and Customer Service gets tons of benefits.

All of these softwares share the same brainpower, allowing them to always be in sync, and giving businesses’ sales and marketing departments the ability to collaborate. Dynamics 365 Marketing works with tablets, mobiles, and desktop with features for a merged interface.

Dynamics 365 Marketing offers many comprehensive tools with in-depth tracking of customer activities. This makes Dynamics 365 Marketing far more powerful compared to other cloud marketing platforms.

Creating Customer Journeys

Almost every marketer knows that before creating a campaign and generating leads, it is essential first to map out the customer’s journey.

Creating this journey helps marketers analyze their next steps to ensure that the prospects will continue their created path for a purchase. 

Dynamics 365 Marketing has an actionable and personalized mode and not only a hypothetical one. Its drag-and-drop journey builder allows the users to create infinite workflows and assigned contacts. Every stage is automated to command a step, such as sending emails through a schedule or triggered by a specific action.

Customizing Different Campaigns

Dynamics 365 Marketing enables users to make campaigns across various channels.

These campaigns come with unique templates and tools to combine emails, gather forms, and landing pages, with a goal to increase conversions.

Marketers can have the option to create text messages and social media campaigns. Its integration with Microsoft Social Engagement also brings great control to social media marketing strategies.

Managing Leads

All marketer’s goal is to generate leads. With Dynamics 365 Marketing, marketers can track and maintain these leads effectively.

The intelligent lead counting system of Dynamics 365 Marketing analyzes leads in every stage of the journey based on specific and set out rules. These rules may include email engagement, event listing, or site visits and lets businesses rate the leads according to criteria that show more value.

The system grades the leads regarding their ability and preparedness for sales and helps marketers focus their attention on the most profitable ones.

All things considered, Dynamics 365 Marketing is an extraordinary and intuitive marketing tool that addresses all the marketing needs of a business, especially lead generation.

Its affordability and results-driven platform make a dramatic impact on business growth. If you’re keen to know more about it, contact us today for more information.