Change the way you communicate with Azure Communication Services

In today’s digitalized world, you will come across companies that are using different services in their workflow to accommodate messaging, email, and video conference needs. With so many options including Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more, it’s hard for employees to keep up to date while also ensuring that they are catering to their customers as efficiently as possible., Businesses of all sizes are now more eager than ever to adopt suitable tools to better connect with their customers and to ensure effective communication and interactions with their team members all in one spot.

With Microsoft Azure Communication Services, you can reach your customers wherever with a fully managed platform on a secure and compliant cloud. It paves the way for fast connection to customers and enables end-to-end communication scenarios with telephony capabilities. In this blog, we will outline some of benefits with using Azure Communications which can help improve the way you communicate with your customers.

Build and customize your communication experience on Microsoft Teams

You can improve customer interactions with Azure Communication Services through streamlining voice, video and chat experiences between people using a custom-built app on Microsoft Teams. With your custom-built app, you can send and receive messages 1:1 or in a group chat. You can also build on engaging intelligent experiences with real-time message delivery, typing indicators, read receipts, push notifications, language translation and more. Furthermore, it is free for Microsoft Teams app users to interact with Azure Communication Services as the VoIP and chat usage is only billed to your Azure resource when using Azure APIs and SDKs.

Engage customers with API-enabled communication

You can connect with your customers both on the online web and through mobile apps with Azure Communication Services. With flexible SDKs and APIs, you can add communication workflows to applications for common platforms and languages including iOS, Android, Web, .NET and JavaScript. Furthermore, rich communication solutions such as voice and video calling, chat, and SMS text message capabilities to mobile apps, desktop applications, and websites are also made possible through the flexible APIs and SDKs. Moreover, developers can now easily tap into other Microsoft Azure services, such as Azure Cognitive Services for translation, live video transcription and more. Azure Communication Services can also be easily accessed by developers with REST APIs through the language and platform of their choice, including iOS, Android, Web, .NET, and JavaScript. Other than leveraging the REST APIs, developers can also use one of the SDKs available in .NET Core, JavaScript, Java, and Python.

Enhance your communications with Azure services and tools

The services and tools in Azure Communications Services is designed to help every organisation communicate better with their customers and enhance their experience. For example, you can connect an Azure Bot Service with Azure Communication Services telephony capabilities to improve a customer’s experience with intelligent voice assistants for handling customer calls. You can also tap into Azure Cognitive Services for translation and sentiment analysis of chat messages. Furthermore, it is easy to build SMS-based automation workflows connected to business-critical systems with Azure Event Grid and Logic Apps. With Azure Communication Services, you can deliver reliable enterprise-grade calling, chat and messaging capabilities from a global, low-latency network that automatically scales to meet your demands. This involves being able to run video conferences with high quality audio and video and having access to an enriched app-experience with chats to boost real time connection with your colleagues.

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