365 Notifiy

365 Notify is a Dynamics 365 add-on which allows for businesses to deliver notifications to users based on your business needs and activity within your Dynamics environment.

The simple configuration of the add-on allows your users to:

Stay connected 24/7

Have notifications delivered to desktop or mobile, without having to open or refresh Dynamics.

Increase productivity

Provides valuable, real-time notifications based on your business needs.

Fosters engagement

Can be used as a means to provide quick & relevant information to users; increasing Dynamics usage and adoption.

How it works

The notification functionality is browser-based, meaning installation is not required on any user devices, just a simple opt-in process to allow 365 Notify to send users notifications.


Use Case Scenario

An example below. The scenario would be that whenever an account is placed on credit hold, the account owner should get notified and prompted to make contact with the account. Once the registration process is completed, the process could be as follows for example:

1. Setup your workflow/custom rules for the scenario in which you want to send a notification.

Workflow configuration


 2. Setup the notification details

That’s it!

Once the workflow is triggered, your user would get a notification delivered to them.(depending on which device browser they registered on).

Some examples on how this notification would display are below:


Notification on Windows 10 via Chrome


Tapping on the notification will take you to the CRM record you configured on the workflow setting.

*Full list of supported browsers can be found here