Dynamics 365 Wave 1 Updates – New Features for Marketers.

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In this post, we want to highlight some of the recent updates that have the potential to revolutionise your marketing strategies and customer engagement. Let’s dive into the details:
Real-Time Marketing Forms

Capture Leads and Contacts Effortlessly. Microsoft’s Real-Time Marketing introduces a powerful feature called Marketing Forms. Designed to simplify lead and contact management, these forms seamlessly integrate into your existing websites, enabling you to capture valuable information. With the ability to update existing records based on “contact points,” you can ensure the cleanliness and accuracy of your data.

Learn more about Real-Time Marketing Forms here: Link
Enhanced Journey Reminders

Enhanced journey reminders take Real-Time Marketing customer journeys to the next level. This new feature empowers businesses to send a series of messages until a specific marketing trigger is activated. By reducing the use of response branches, you can streamline and optimise your customer journeys to better meet your unique requirements.

Explore the capabilities of Enhanced Journey Reminders here: Link
Customisable Consent Preference Centres

Microsoft now offers a preview feature that allows businesses to configure brand-specific consent and preference centres. If you have multiple brands, you can manage and customise consent and preference centres accordingly. This ensures that contacts and potential leads have the ability to opt out of specific channel consent, such as email or SMS.

Discover the benefits of Customisable Consent Preference Centres: Link

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