Dynamics 365 Marketing & Customer Insights

Important Changes in Product Offerings

Since September 1st 2023, Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights have been bundled under a single product SKU known as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. The individual applications will be renamed Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Data.

Organisations that are new to the Microsoft ecosystem won’t have access to outbound marketing as standard which was previously the case. If there’s a feature in outbound marketing that hasn’t been moved into Customer Insights – Journeys yet, the organisation can request outbound marketing be added to the app for their organisation.

The changes also bring several impactful benefits:


Data and Content Creation

One of the key benefits of these updates is the elimination of fragmented customer data and the tedious manual content creation process. This streamlined approach allows your teams to work more efficiently and creatively, thanks to the introduction of recommended content ideas from Copilot within Customer Insights.


Unlocking the Power of Data

Data analysts can now harness the full potential of customer data. The latest updates enable them to unify transactional, demographic, and behavioural data, providing a comprehensive view of your customers. Furthermore, enriching customer data with insights into their interests, product usage, and market data becomes effortless. With Copilot in Customer Insights, analysts can use natural language to explore and analyse customer data, uncovering invaluable insights in the process.


Empowering Marketers

Marketers will find it easier than ever to create customer segments and journeys with the introduction of Copilot. They can simply describe their desired outcomes in their own words, and Copilot will seamlessly create the necessary segments and journeys. Additionally, content creation is made simpler with text and image recommendations that can be tailored to align with your brand and target audience.


Seamless Handoff for Sellers and Exceptional Support for Agents

Sellers can now seamlessly pick up where the marketing team left off, thanks to a unified timeline of customer interactions, prioritised leads, and personalised product recommendations. Customer service agents gain the ability to prioritise and personalise service levels based on predicted customer lifetime values, ensuring the best possible support experience.

With these recent updates to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft is enabling organisations to take customer experiences to new heights. At 365 Mechanix, we want you to get the most out of these new updates and we encourage you to explore the possibilities these enhancements offer. As technology continues to evolve, so does the potential to deliver exceptional customer experiences. We’re here to support you and your business every step of the way.

If you’d like more detail, you can find out more information here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-insights/overview#pricing-and-licensing

Stay tuned for more updates.