Customer-centric Collections in an AI World

Our Customer-centric Collections in an AI World event held at the Microsoft Technology Centre in Sydney was an overwhelming success!

The event featured two guest speakers, Lee Marshall from Microsoft and Bruce Sithole from 365 Mechanix, who shared their expertise on AI technology and its pivotal role in debt collection strategies. Attendees delved into the latest advancements in collections and discovered how AI-driven solutions can enhance efficiency and prioritise customer experience.

Thank you to Lee Marshall and Bruce Sithole for their enlightening presentations. Their valuable knowledge and experience provided attendees with an insight into the latest developments in AI and Collections.

At 365 Mechanix we are committed to continuously exploring cutting-edge solutions to transform industries and improve customer-centric experiences. Keep an eye on our website and social channels for updates on upcoming events and industry insights!

Once again, thank you for making our event a remarkable success!