Microsoft Financial Services Cloud Makes Its Australian Debut

Microsoft users will be delighted to know that there is now a wide array of new opportunities available at their fingertips as Cloud for Financial Services finally launches in Australia. What the cloud sets out to achieve is help clients manage data to deliver differentiated experiences, empower employees and combat financial crime while facilitating security, compliance and interoperability.

This new offering comes about after the shifts in the market we’ve seen following the pandemic, where businesses are realising the importance of digitisation and digital channels. Customers have set new standards in expectations, and it’s important that Microsoft continues with their holistic approach where these expectations can be met.

“The solution will provide a unified customer profile, self-service onboarding, customer experience and engagement tools, plus collaboration management. From a security front, it will offer risk assurance and support, regulatory compliance assessments, alongside account and purchase protection”


What’s included?

The Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services encompasses a unified customer profile with a 360-degree view of data, self-service mobile tools to streamline your customer onboardings, financial summaries to drive engagement and workflow automation and intelligent tools to organise processes.

Let’s dive into these benefits a bit deeper:

  • Unified customer profile: Helps financial services organisations tailor customer experiences through a 360-degree view of the customer by bringing together financial, behavioural, and demographic data.
  • Customer onboarding: Provides customers with easy access loan apps and self-service tools, helping streamline the loan process to enhance customer experience and loyalty while increasing organizational and employee productivity.
  • Banking customer engagement: Helps personalise customer interaction with financial understanding to engage with customers on their preferred channel in a meaningful way, while intelligently managing their journeys across channels, to reduce churn and time to resolution.
  • Collaboration manager: Enables automation and collaboration across front and back office. Helps improve business-to-consumer communications to accelerate lending processes, minimise errors, and enhance customer experience.

If you’d like to learn more about how your business can benefit from Microsoft’s Financial Services Cloud solutions, feel free to reach out to one of our friendly team members and we’d be happy to chat with you!