How to Build Websites Using Microsoft Power Pages

Did you know that Microsoft recently launched a new product within Power Platform that enables you to build your own websites? No matter your level of skill, this low-code, secure and scalable solution empowers business owners and employees alike to build sites quickly and easily.

“For years, Power Apps portals have offered users an end-to-end experience to create external portals quickly and confidently, and customize them with pages, layouts, and content. As a new, standalone product, Power Pages empowers anyone, regardless of their technical background, with an effective platform to create data-powered, modern, and secure websites.”

Whilst this is still in preview, you can test a whole range of features and capabilities.

In Design Studio, users can easily design, style, configure, and publish modern business websites. While the professionals with web building experience will likely want to craft a site from scratch, templates are ready to be used and make including text, images, custom forms and lists a seamless process.

Explore the Templates Hub which comes equipped with full-featured websites with demo data so you can hop straight into scheduling, registrations, application submissions and more.

The Learn Hub is home to a number of guides, tutorials and quick videos so you can learn how to build websites, use code and modify your site design to suit your business needs. Microsoft Dataverse, on the other hand, enables you to securely collect and share business information with your site visitors.

When it comes to safety, Power Pages has you covered. It uses Microsoft Azure as well as DDoS Protection and connects with Dataverse to provide security capabilities such as advanced encryption, role-based access controls and support for web firewalls.

What You Can Create

Don’t be fooled in thinking that just because Power Pages is a low-code development that it doesn’t have the capacity to build out complex sites. Quite the opposite!

Power Pages has the ability to support enterprise-wide, professional solutions including community services sites (grant applications, incident and outage reporting and more), FAQ sites (common questions regarding products, services, policies and more), customer self-service (24/7 support services such as returns, appointment bookings and warranty registrations).

Case Studies

Power Pages has already been trusted from a range of industries including sales to government services around the globe.

How the City of Kobe Delivered Key Information to its Citizens During COVID-19

The Japanese government used Power Pages to craft a website offering a support program that enabled all citizens to apply for a subsidy during the challenging times of COVID-19. The site managed to defuse 40,000 daily calls by 90% and met the needs of citizens during a time of crisis.

Your New Website is Waiting

If you’re ready to start creating data-focused websites without having to be a code wiz, customise it to meet your business objectives and launch your business on a safe platform then Power Pages is the perfect platform for you. Why not have a go and see what creations you can come up with!