Enhance security with biometric authentication

When in need of help, customers expect quick and convenient support with the confidence their personal information is protected. The traditional methods of identifying customers including pin numbers, passwords, or security questions (KBA methods) may not be enough to prevent fraud anymore.

Why customer authentication methods must change

Microsoft Digital Contact Centre Platform has biometrics integrated to provide effortless customer authentication. The problem with traditional methods is outlined below:

  1. Stealing a customer’s personal information will allow the fraudster to pass KBA checks
  1. When too many authentication checks are required, it disrupts the customer journey
  1. Customers often lose the required information which increases their frustration as more time is needed to complete the action
  1. The customer expects the brand to know who they are already

Biometric security saves time for both the customer and business as the programs do the verification for them. The identification of genuine customers through biometrics allows accurate data capture. Accurate data will allow the business to make better predictions of customer behaviour to increase sales and engagement.

Microsoft Digital Contact Centre Features

The customer’s voice, their behavioural and conversational biometrics are all recorded and layered with non-biometric factors which allows the AI engine to determine whether the person is genuine or a fraudster. Biometrics means the person on the other end can be identified with these factors rather than just their device or information provided.


Gatekeeper and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer service are combined on the Microsoft Digital Contact Centre platform which helps strengthen the identification and verification process. This allows businesses to provide a seamless and trustworthy service for their customers.

Stronger Fraud Protection

Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection works to complement biometrics with its adaptative AI tools. This helps with account takeovers, payment fraud and other transactional threats that may come up. These technologies work together to make better decisions about whether the caller is genuine or suspicious.


Every customer values personalised experiences, with biometric authentication this is now possible from the very beginning. This also includes specialised support by identifying the individual customer and what their needs might be. For example the software has the ability to identify senior customers based on their vocal characteristics which in turn means they can be re-directed to a priority service line.

The goal is to create a more secure contact centre for both the business and customers. With each of these products integrated into a single platform, it allows processes to be streamlined which empowers team members and customers alike.

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