Dynatrace for Azure & What It Can Offer

If you haven’t heard of Dynatrace, let us introduce you! This optional platform, which is integrated in Microsoft Azure, gives customers access to cloud capabilities such as deep and broad observability, runtime application security, AI and automation. By nature ,modern hybrid-cloud environments generate a lot of data, and this platform helps businesses achieve the answers and insights they need from these secure and more streamlined digital interactions.

Azure knows that cloud-based systems can be complex and dynamic, which is why it’s important to have solutions like Dynatrace in place. When the occasional failure occurs, development teams need to have a clear indication of where these issues are coming from and understand their impact. Dynatrace not only allows you to understand what is broken, but it also has the capacity to proactively identify and resolve the issues before they impact your customers. How cool is that?

Want to dive a bit deeper into what Dynatrace is able to achieve? Well, let’s get into it:


No need to set up and operate a complex infrastructure, Dynatrace SaaS is a fully managed system that can be created with just a few clicks.


It’s easy to configure auto-discovery of resources and set up automatic log forwarding, so you can monitor your data without needing to write custom code or set up Event Hubs.


OneAgent can be installed on virtual machines and App services and continuously monitors the health of host and processes and automatically implements any new processes.


The portal uses a single sign-on vs multiple credentials, so you can easily access dashboards, Smartscape® topology visualisation, log content, and more on the Dynatrace portal.


Bills are consolidated using Azure Marketplace so your payment periods are easy to manage.

Rather than put you through the pain of having to set up credentials, custom code and the other synergies, Microsoft is now working with Dynatrace directly to allow seamless integration, and it can be purchased on the Azure Marketplace.

If you’re keen to see how Dynatrace can work for your Azure, why not subscribe to the preview of Dynatrace’s integration with Azure available in the Azure Marketplace or talk to one of our friendly 365 Mechanix representatives.