Power BI: Raising the Bar of Reporting and Analytics

Microsoft’s Power BI is an intelligent and interactive platform that lets users analyze, visualize and share their data in an intuitive dashboard. Users familiar with Microsoft Excel won’t require much learning to learn its basics.

With its flexible self-service tool, Power BI users will only need a little training. Power BI has a free version suitable for small to medium-sized enterprises. Power BI Plus, its professional version, is available for a monthly fee.

Business users can use the Power BI Desktop on Windows 10, while mobile apps are also available for Windows, iOs, and Android devices.

More Analysis for Productivity

If you need insight into your current standing, Microsoft Power BI comes in handy to get a view of its organization’s information and data. The platform connects various data sets, then transforms them into a data model to create tables or charts for a visual data presentation.

Power BI allows data sharing to other users inside the organization, should they need it.

Businesses can use the data models to tell stories using data visualizations and examine possible schemes using the presented data. Reporting enables quick answers to questions in real-time to help forecast and achieve business metrics.

Power BI also provides an executive dashboard for each of the administrators, giving them insights and the ability to adjust management decisions to meet departmental goals.

Transforming Analytics

Power BI’s Power Pivot features enable advanced Excel users who better grasp Data Analysis Expressions formula language to go deeper into certain data compilations through clustering, grouping, quick measures, and forecasting.

The built-in Power Query tool also allows them to easily integrate and transform data in Power BI from the start. With Power BI, there is no need to open Excel and create another analysis. Its seamless integration with the app using a single click removes the need to export files manually.

AI Automation

Power BI boasts the incorporation of a natural language interface enabling users to create visuals and get insights using simple English terms with no use of codes and syntax.

It sends an automated list of insightful queries as you type and gives you a preview of charts and table visualizations that will best represent the information you are looking for. It also supports a voice recognition system where Q&A becomes more helpful in retrieving information the moment you ask for it.

Seamless and Broader Connections

Power BI has the power to bring your data into one place for better accessibility, visibility, and management as it supports more than 70 plus connectors.

All these let businesses use and load their data using a wide range of high cloud-based sources like Google Analytics, Dropbox, and OneDrive, with the addition of Excel spreadsheets and CSV files.

These connectors with Power BI allow users to load dashboards in just seconds while it undergoes an incredible data analysis in minutes.

The Takeaway

Power BI has changed the capabilities in providing quick and actionable insights of businesses’ data using persuasive and interactive dashboard reports.

If you need a software that allows you to access important information for crucial business decisions, it’s Power BI.

Get started with Power BI and enhance what you will know with us today.