How to improve your sales team’s performance with 365 Dynamics Sales

As a business owner, you often find yourself in situations where you have to make quick decisions about your products or services, that ultimately impacts your customer’s experience with your business. Understanding the stages of the sales pipeline and interpreting your sales data is vital for making strategic decisions and closing a sale. Hence, the quality of the data you collect about your customer’s behaviour and purchasing habits is important.

Your customers desire unique interactions and seamless experiences with your business. It is important you leverage retail innovations to provide frictionless transactions, creating convenience and ease for your customers. This will help build rapport and trust. Dynamics 365 Sales can transform your sales experience and improve team performance.

Let’s take a look at how Dynamics 365 Sales can increase team productivity and sales performance.

Key capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales:

Enables Smarter Selling with AI

Dynamics 365 allows you to concentrate on the right customers for your business and optimise their buying experiences, with the assistance of AI technology.

Build stronger relationships

The platform combines data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365 sales and Office 365 to empower sellers and enable the development of stronger relationships. If you have reps, the platform will enable your team to evaluate which products/ services are working best in different territories. This means your team can tailor their selling approach by targeting clients with the right products or services. As a result, your business develops strong relations with customers, since you have the ability to meet their needs.

Sales Productivity

Streamline the sales process using cohesive tools and automation. This gives you more time to engage with your clients and work more productively.

Improve Sales Performance using real-time data

A Sales Performance Management system enables you to forecast sales and quarterly results. Improve your decision making with data-driven feedback from pipeline analysis, deal insights and relationship analytics.

Increased sales profitability

AI-driven insights allows your team to identify and replicate successful sales calls, through conversation intelligence, to improve future sales pitches. Dynamics 365 allows you to predict potential income for a certain period, so that you can better plan your future activities.

Therefore, a sales performance management system will enable your sales team to work more effectively and capitalise on sales. Dynamics 365 does the hard work for you, drawing conclusions to help your company sell more effectively. Having a platform with real-time data showcasing your customer’s sales journey and company performance will drive smarter decisions that benefit your business. In turn, your team will work more productively and retain customers.

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