How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Workflows can Increase the Productivity of Your Business

Workflows are a fantastic tool of Dynamics 365 that allow for any simple or complicated task to automated. For businesses, this software can make an incredible difference as an alternative to building a custom plug-in.

Having a Workflow in place can help your business to become more efficient and profitable. The Workflow space is fully customisable, which allows your business to create a series of steps and rules to begin the automation of tasks. These tasks can be run in real-time or in the background, depending on how you set the conditions.

Here are a couple of suggestions for how to use Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve the productivity of your business.

Keep on top of accounts

If your business cannot afford to hire administrative staff or you rely on part-time workers and volunteers to handle billing and memberships renewal, there is a chance of data becoming misplaced or forgotten. Having a Workflow set up in this instant can fix this issue.

Let’s pretend you’re running a small graphic design studio that relies on payments from clients to fund business operations. To ensure that you are paid in a timely matter, a Workflow can be set-up to remind your clients at 30 days. This can also be set-up with a follow-up reminder in another 30 days if you have still not received any payment. Alerts can also be sent to staff members to allow them to reach out to clients and find out why they have yet to pay.

By having trigger alerts sent out to relevant people when appropriate, this can not only increase your businesses productivity but make you more profitable. The majority of your clients would appreciate the gentle reminder as well as your staff when it’s time to follow up on payments. Best of all, the gentle reminder will help your business maintain a good customer relationship.

Maintain a good relationship with your customers

If you’re looking to maintain your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty with your business, then Workflows might be your answer. Workflows aren’t just for sales and administrative tasks; they can also be used for customer relations.

Having Workflow alerts in place can help to make your customers feel heard. From simple announcements such as automated birthday greetings, customer satisfaction surveys to raising an alert with your staff when a customer has expressed concern, will help to benefit your business by receiving honest feedback and increasing productivity with meeting your customer’s needs.

Keep on top of your sales

While it would be ideal to have your sales managers in constant contact with your sales reps, this, unfortunately, isn’t a reality for all. With the potential for a vast amount of sales leads coming in every week, it’s almost impossible for your sales manager to keep track of each lead. This is where Dynamics 365 comes in and can increase the productivity of your business.

In this scenario, you have received a sales lead through the food industry with your salesperson specialising in selling produce to local grocers. By having a Workflow set-up, you can alert them, and be confident that the lead will be followed up by the appropriate person. With this approach set-up, your sales manager can now allow its sales reps further independence to follow-up on opportunities without having to wait for direction. Even better, if you want to be made aware of more substantial sales coming through, all you have to do is design a simple Workflow that can alert you when sales are of a specific value.

Now you can relax knowing that your sales manager will miss nothing by being alerted from the specific criteria you set. This is where creating simple Workflows can have a positive effect on the productivity of your business.

If you would like to know more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and using Workflows can increase the productivity for your business, please give us a call today, and one of our friendly team members will assist you.