What is Dynamics 365?

What Is Dynamics 365 And How Will It Benefit My Business?

Released back in 2016, Microsoft Dynamics 365 replaced Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The purpose of this was to provide a modular approach to business applications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business application

What makes Dynamics 365 unique is that it combines ERP and CRM systems into one unified, multi-functional system. It can be integrated seamlessly with other Microsoft tools such as Power BI and Office 365 which is a big advantage for businesses that want one central hub for all their data and processes.

An end-to-end cloud solution that’s customisable, cost-effective and flexible

Compared to their previous products, Dynamics 365 is offered as an end-to-end cloud solution, designed to be completely customizable and scalable. It breaks down each area of business into different modules. This means that you’re able to pick and pay only for the features that you need.

And the best part is that if you feel like you need to add more as your business grows, the system can grow with you. You have the ability to add more modules over time as needed.

What can Microsoft Dynamics 365 do?

Microsoft has brought together all the processes of a business into one unified platform including customer relationship management, financial planning, supply chain management, logistics, human resource management and more.

Instead of data being completely separated from each other into different applications, Dynamics 365 integrates data so that you can do more with the data you have, generate intelligent insights and more. This is possible because it’s based on a common data model. This means that the apps are allowed to share data with each other.

How will it benefit my business?

  • You can start with only what you need and build up your system as needed over time.
  • Use your data in a whole new way with artificial intelligence capabilities and integration of data across all areas of your business.
  • It’s much more cost-effective because it works on a monthly subscription model. You also don’t have to spend money managing your own data centre or servers since it’s all cloud-based.
  • It’s simple to use. Buy subscriptions only for those who will be using it and with AppSource, you can find individual apps to satisfy business needs. For example, we created 365 Lend and 365 Notify as add-on solutions to your Microsoft Dynamics system.
  • It’s agile. No more silos of information thanks to the common data model that this whole system is built upon.
  • You get access to real-time insights and predictive analysis with Power BI.