Mini-Video Series Launch – Money in the Bank with PowerApps

I’m going to be creating a mini-series of videos that illustrate how businesses can use canvas apps to leverage existing functionality within your Dynamics environment more efficiently which in turn allows you
to save money to put back in your bank account!

Each episode will begin with a specific business scenario/challenge to address and I will compare the times it takes to complete the tasks with the standard dynamics functionality vs a canvas app built under an hour.

The guiding principles I will be using for comparing the out of the box capabilities are as follows:

  • Use of OOTB entities were possible
  • No code and very little customizations

Hopefully, at the end, I will show you the potential savings you can realise with approximately an hours investment in building the canvas app.
The first episode’s scenario is as follows:

We want our sales reps to easily capture, in CRM, their visits to their clients, noting the outcomes and any follow-ups required

P.S If you have any relatively simple business scenarios that leverage OOTB capabilities you would like me to address, please let me know.