Dynamics 365 Saturday 2018 Reflection

I had the pleasure of running a workshop at the Sydney Dynamics 365 Saturday event on the 4th of May, 2018.
It’s been over a month now since the event and have had some time to reflect on it all, now that the dust has settled. Its the 2nd year in a row I’ve presented at the Sydney event and enjoy it more each time. Good job organizing Nadeeja & Sehan! What was really great for me personally was the networking and new connections I made, both locally and internationally. I got to meet the very lively Ben Vollmer and Ulrik Carlsson aka CRM Chart Guy!

My actual workshop presentation was on “Using PowerApps & Flow to simplify Dynamics activity capture”. What I did was create a PowerApp in under 60mins that showed how we could solve for a specific business scenario in a more efficient and friendlier way than the standard Dynamics web UI offering. To further illustrate this, I volunteered the legendary Neil Benson to a challenge to see who could complete a set of tasks quicker…me with my newly built PowerApp or Neil with the standard Dynamics interface…Neil had no chance! 🙂

What was great too was all the follow-up questions and scenarios I discussed with the participants. It was also pleasant to see a few lightbulb moments, with a few people realising and coming up with so many valid and cool ideas to implement PowerApps for their scenarios. I’m still getting questions today which is awesome!

Here is the link to my presentation and I will look to upload a video of the PowerApp in action.